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Registrations are open to study national diploma in management studies and engineering studies, short course programmes and also Matric re-write. Students who would like to improve their marks to get university admission and those who would like to get experience through technical skills and university extra classes, those studying through long distance education are also welcome to register now.

This application is for admission for a programme to study at Greenview Training and Development Skills Centre.  After submitting this form, you will be contacted by Greenview College Consultants. For Non- South African residents kindly see the requirements below:

Name *Surname *Gender *MaleFemaleDate of birthEmail Address *Address *Mobile *Home TelephoneEducation Level: Last School/Tertiary Education You Last Attended: *Level obtained: *Year Of Completion: *South African citizen: *YesNoProgramme you would like to study *National Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringNational Diploma in Civil EngineeringNational Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Light and heavy)National Diploma in Marketing ManagementNational Diploma in Financial Management ( Financial Accounting)National Diploma in Business ManagementNational Diploma in Management AssistanceNational Diploma in HumanResource ManagementNational Diploma in Travel & TourismNational Diploma in Public ManagementNational Diploma in IT & Computer ScienceMatric RewriteOthersPreferred Campus *JohannesburgPretoriaCommentSubmit

International Students

Requirements for Study

All Non-South African citizens are required to apply for study permits in their countries of origin in order to study in South Africa.Before applying for a study you are supposed to apply for admission first, once you are admitted into a programme to study at greenview training and development skills centreThe college will issue you a confirmation letter of studying a certain programme and other necessary requirements will be issued as well.The letter and proof of payment are also required to apply for a study permit