This course is aimed at students who want to upgrade their Matric symbols on a full time or part time basis including Saturday classes. One on one help can be arranged. Students who have never written grade 12 but wish to obtain a Senior Certificate are encouraged to contact the campus near them and get information on how they may obtain Matric certificate because you are welcome. With Greenview College, you may register for a full qualification and get a free Matric re-write. The following options are available for you:

Amended Senior Certificate (Old Syllabus)

Course description:
 Based on the need for a qualification for adults, The Minister of Basic Education has approved the revision of the current Senior Certificate qualification such that it can be offered by learners who still want to complete their Old Syllabus Matric. The new Amended Senior Certificate will now utilize the National Senior Certificate (NSC), i.e. CAPS subjects and will retail its structure. The exams of the Amended Senior Certificate (Old Syllabus) will be written in June/July 2019.

In order to obtain a matric certificate, one will have to pass 2 official languages and any other four subjects.

Entry Requirements:

  1. 21 years and above with or without previous matric results.
  2. 2008 to 2012 National Senior Certificate candidates whose SBA validity has expired.
  3. 18 – 21 candidates who could not complete their matric due to circumstances beyond their control (Special circumstances).

Registration Period:
Enquire at the Campus for more information.

N3 Technical Matric
These National career-oriented qualifications are very popular with the private sector. It is expected of the students to attend classes regularly and to obtain a trimester mark of at least 40% per subject. Matric Rewrite through N3 takes a minimum of three months up to a year. N3 subjects are easier compared to the academic subjects. You can choose as many subjects as you can per trimester. To obtain matric, one has to do six subjects including 2 official languages.

Entry Requirements:
In this Matric syllabus there is no age restriction. Grades 11s are welcome.

Registration Period:
Registration closes 13 February for April Exams, 31 May for August Exams and 30 August for November Exams

National Senior Certificate (NSC/CAPS)
The examinations are only written in Oct/ Nov every year. Only re-writers are welcome in this syllabus. Full-time and part-time classes are available. One can only enroll for the subjects failed and appearing on the previous statement i.e. no new subjects (Only Johannesburg Campus allows candidates to change subjects e.g. from Math to Mathematics Literacy). New Grade 12s are free to visit our campus for more information.

Entry Requirements:

  • Previous National Senior Certificate statement.
  • SBAs not expired i.e. candidates who wrote Matric in 2016 to 2018