Mechanical engineering involves designing, manufacturing, and maintaining a wide range of industrial appliances. Mechanical engineering faculty of study is suitable for people who want to engage in a career path that is full of technology and using their hands a lot. 

  • Draughts person
  • Fitter & turner
  • Mechanical technician
  • Machinist
  • Toolmaker
  • Instrument technician
  • AutoCAD Designer

Upon completion of every level, a certificate will be issued from the Department of Education. A National Diploma will be issued by the Department of Education on completion of N6 as well as two (2) years on the job training/attachment in the relevant industry.

Foundation Certificate (N1-N2): Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Science, Engineering Drawing. Electives: Fitting and Machining Theory, Motor Bodywork Theory, Platers’ Theory, Welders’ Theory, Rigging, Fitting and Machining Theory.

National Certificate (N3): Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Science, Engineering Drawing, Mechano-technology.

National Certificate (N4): Mathematics, Engineering Science, Mechano-technics, Engineering Draughting.

National Certificate (N5 + N6): Mathematics, Mechano-technics, Power Machines, Strength of Materials, and Structures. Electives: Machine Design and Drawing, Fluid Mechanics.

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