Support Classes for University Students

Tutorial is the process of organizing students into groups to create an optimum learning environment. Greenview Tutorial Centre aims at promoting social integration and the collaboration among students who studying through long distance education, study alone is not easy at all. Tutorials are forums for you to interact, learn from your follow students, taking part […]

High School Extra Classes

We also provide High school extra classes from Grade 10 to Grade 12, Saturday and Sunday school to support them in their studies to improve their marks in maths, science and commercials (Greenview Accounting and Science School). Learners in grade 10 to 12 are invited to attend extra classes on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to […]

Distance Learning

Greenview College offers all the benefits of distance learning. You can continue to earn while you learn via correspondence, and you can plan your studies according to your schedule. Greenview’s wide range of distance learning courses is far more affordable than face-to-face studies, so begin your journey to a better future today. For years, Greenview College has been […]


Greenview college  offers students an opportunity to take their studies even if they do not have financial stability so it is out Corporate Social Investment to give back our profits,resources,time and efforts to the less fortunate thus we have a Bursary scheme. Register now and apply for a bursary at the campus and secure your […]