In a highly competitive corporate world, pursuing a business management program gives your resume a much-needed edge; The National Diploma Program in Business Management ensures just that. The program gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key business management principles.

Students will be exposed to the related various functional areas in the organizations and will be able to appreciate the need for harmonizing the activities for various departments in an organization. This diploma prepares you for a career in a business management environment where you will be able to perform business-related activities as well as management duties effectively

Many opportunities exist in small businesses, for example, cafes’, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, where students can apply their knowledge to enter into the business world.

The National Diploma in Business Management is made up of the following courses which are done over a period of 18 months.

National Certificate (N4): Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Business Management, Management Communication, Computer Practice.

National Certificate (N5 + N6): Sales Management, Entrepreneurship & Business Management, Labour Relations, Sales Management, Financial Accounting. Elective

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