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IS Greenview College Registered?

Yes, Greenview College is registered with the Department of Higher Education & Training, MICTSETA, and QCTO & Umalusi.

When Was It Registered?

The college was registered in 2012 & started operating in 2016 with the college courses.

How Much Is The Registration Fee?

Our registration fee is R350.00

Why Do Students Need To Pay Registration Fee?

Students pay registration fees because we capture them in our system so they receive a student number and become Greenview students immediately after paying the registration fee.

Why Do Students Pay The Deposit Fee?

Students pay the deposit fee to confirm their registration that they will be studying with us for the whole duration of the course.

Does Greenview College Have An Aps Score?

Greenview College does not have an APS score but the requirement of all Nated courses is at least a student to have passed Grade 12.

Does Greenview College Offer Nsfas?

Unfortunately, Greenview College is a private college and it is not funded by NSFAS.

How Many Campuses Does It Have?

Greenview College has 1 big campus in the JHB CBD and does not have other campuses

If I Get The Bursary Do I Have To Pay It Back?

Our Greenview College bursary scheme is not the same as NSFAS, you don’t pay it back.

Which Tests Are Being Written And What Is The Pass Mark?

Our test is a grade 12 normal question of Technical Maths, Pure Maths, or Maths Lit paper 1 and the pass mark is 75%.

Does The Bursary Cover Foreign Nations?

Greenview College Bursary Scheme is for all kinds of people and for all national tribes, we do not stereotype because of gender, color, race, or ethnicity.

Does The College Have Qualified Teachers?

We have highly trained professional teachers for all major subjects.

- What Is The Difference Between A Semester And A Trimester?

A semester is done over a period of 6 months and a trimester over a period of 3 months.

Why Do We Pay Fees For 6 Months But We Attend 4-5 Months?

Students are invoiced for course fees which are a package of R5100 and it is divided simultaneously for 6 months to allow the gap between parents and their finances to move smoothly without struggling and be able to sustain their monthly expenses.

Which Mode Of Learning Does Greenview College Offers?

The college only offers face-to-face tuition.

Does Greenview College Offer Matric Re-Write?

Unfortunately, Greenview College does not offer matric re-write but we offer a supplementary for matric which is a bridging course. A bridging course is done over a period of 6 months. It enables students to qualify for the National Diploma course that they wanted to in the first place.

What Is A Bridging Course?

A bridging course is an introductory course that enables students who didn’t get admission from grade 12 or who didn’t reach grade 12 to start with an introduction or background knowledge for the particular course of their choice.

After Completing My 18 Months Theory What Happens?
  • After the completion of the theory, you need to graduate and apply for workplace experience of 18 months at a company of your choice or the one that the college will help you in getting.
Does Greenview College Look For Students For Placements/Internship Programmes?

Greenview College does not look for companies for students but we assist in issuing the placement letter and recommendation letter.

Do We Wear Uniform?

Fortunately, there’s no uniform and you wear casually with a Greenview t-shirt/cap/hat and in winter we’ve winter wear (tracksuits/hoodies).

Do We Attend Everyday?

Our timetable is made flexible for students and they attend 2-3 days a week.

Do We Have Sports?

Greenview College prides itself on physical training therefore we have netball, soccer, choir, drama, athletics, debate & spelling bee.

Does Greenview College Offer Part Time Classes?

Greenview College offers part-time classes either Saturday or Sunday from 08:00 am-14:00pm and during the weekday from 16:00 pm-19:00 pm.

Where Do We Get Our Certificates From?

Certificates are being granted from Umalusi, QCTO, and MICTSETA after students complete their studies and pass all their prerequisite modules.

Do You Assist Students In Getting Study Visa/Permit?

Students who are from other countries and do not have permits or study visas have to fully pay registration and deposit fee and pay 50% of the annual fees to show commitment in their studies and that they are coming in the country to abide by the regulations set by the government.

Does The Bursary Gives Monthly Stipend?

Unfortunately, our bursary does not give monthly stipends as we only offer accommodation, course fees, and textbook fees.

Why Do Students Have To Do Files?
  • Students have to do a portfolio of evidence every month which will demonstrate if they qualify for final examinations at the end of the semester, as they contribute 40% to the final mark the student will get in the final semester, and also show the parents at home that students are receiving quality education at the institution.
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