What is a bridging course?

  • A bridging course is a university/college preparation course that is offered to mature students as a means of preparing for the intellectual challenges of a university/college education, successful completion of which is recognized as a basis of admission to a specific course.
  • Bridging courses are designed to bridge the gap between high school & tertiary education. They are aimed at students who show potential, or at students who are eager to learn.
  • Bridging courses are primarily offered to students who need to improve their understanding in subjects that relate to particular study programs.
  • Bridging courses are short, focused learning programs designed to help high school students to enter Higher education institutions.
  • Bridging courses provide a way for students to qualify for specific study programs & work towards their ideal career.
  • They are seen as an introductory level course and can range from 6 months to one year.
  • Greenview College is offering bridging courses to students who have not completed matric at school and want to study further.
  • These courses help students who don’t meet the requirements at first, an additional pathway to help them get there.

Who is the bridging course for?

  • The bridging course is aimed at students who want to study towards other national diploma /certificates programs, but don’t meet the minimum requirements, Instead of going back to school or getting your matric; you could enroll for a bridging course.

What are the requirements?

  • The standard requirements for the bridging course are grade 10.

Why should you do a bridging course?

  • You will gain valuable skills & a wealth of knowledge.
  • A bridging course brings you one step closer to the course you initially wanted to sign up for. It lays a foundation for the rest of your National Diploma education.
  • It exposes you to more study opportunities & better career options.
  • National Diploma/Certificates are nationally recognized by recruiters and employers that mean you will have better opportunities than the ones you currently have. They equip you with skills & knowledge to get the job done.

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