Greenview College Bursary Scheme

This bursary scheme was developed in 2016 when we saw that most of our clientele is low-income earners and are struggling to pay even the little fees which we are charging.

We took it as a responsibility to give back to the community and invest in young students from all over the world because our vision is to embark on an education level that is of a university even though we were a small institution. Our scheme has contributed not only to education but also effectively boosting the young generation’s future work options as we also take them for part-time jobs and assist them with learnerships to get work experiences such as assisting in the marketing department, tutoring in their best-performing subjects or ushering during our events like sports, orientation and graduation and other main events of the school.

We are making sure every year we give at least 10-15 students bursaries that cover their course, textbook, accommodation, or transportation fees depending on each individual’s situation and how the child has passed our bursary test.
In the future, we want to have a foundation that will be able to cater to orphans and poorly disadvantaged families because we understand the current financial stability of our country and we have already started by providing sanitary pads to high schools from which they are the communities where we get students and we preach the message that a girl child should not stay at home because of lacking sanitary pads.

We hope to do more as we grow and develop.

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