Greenview College is ranked high for the quality of its education and research. Students just like you choose Greenview year in, year out because our courses are developed in partnership with leading local and national employers. That means that as soon as you’ve completed your studies at Greenview College, you’ll have exactly what you need to follow your perfect career. 

Systematic Teaching: We teach each module/program systematically, highlighting the most important areas for exams, practicals, and job placement for training experience.

Past Exam Papers: We provide past exam papers with solutions, where our teachers go through then with the students two or three days before the exams.

Exam Revision: We provide exam preparation/ revision classes for all our N4 – N6 programs to ensure that our learners have performed very well in their exams.

Extra Classes for Slow Students: The College provides extra classes/support classes for slow students/ part-time students who cannot cope with the others.


Affordable Programmes: Our programmes are affordable with easy payment methods to suit the working classes and full-time students. Where the students or parents pay only registration and administration fees.

Career Counselling: We provide career counselling to all students, and practical knowledge through placing our learners in professional companies to do in-service training.

Responsible Students: At Greenview Training and Development Skills Centre we train our students to have responsibility, integrity, honesty, practical skills and become future managers.

Quality Education: We are committed to providing quality education, training programmes, training managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs and building skills which will enable our students to work independently.

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