Greenview College is a Training and Development Skills center that has one Mega Campus Which is located in Johannesburg Central, School of Business, School of Engineering, School of Information Technology, School of Health Science and School of Media. We offer a wide range of learning programs more than other colleges in Johannesburg. We are a registered private company with registration number 2012/057560/07. The centre number is 0899992838 .We are fully registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, fully accredited with QCTO, Quality Council for Trade and Occupations, QCTO NATED Accreditation Number: 16/0202, MICTSETA ACC/2015/07/001, TETA ACCR: NO.15-591.Our accreditation number for Health Promotion Officer is 07-QCTO-SDP90522-5687 and 07-QCTO290523122516 for office admin and occupational health and safety courses. We are fully recommended by the previous students and nationally recognized by the Department of Higher Education and Training & relevant academic and examination bodies. We are also a member of the Association of Private Providers of Education, Training, and Development (APPETD). Colleges offering ECD.

Greenview College was established in 2012, and it was helping long-distance students on a small scale. A large number of UNISA students benefited from our College. The center started with only 20 students, but through its excellent work and professional services, determined and hardworking tutors who made many students pass their exams for every semester, the center expanded, and the number grew to about 300 – 400 students per semester. The Academic Committee and the CEO came up with the idea to establish a Further Education and Training (FET) Institution to promote and uphold the comprehensive education and training needs aimed at increasing skills in the communities and in the Republic of South Africa at large. This was done with the view of becoming a large learning institute by 2020. All this facilitated the production of Engineers and Entrepreneurs while promoting the culture of knowing the purpose of education. It is without a doubt that the Greenview College encourages learning and assists students by ensuring that the education they acquire improves their standard of living. It is our mission and goal to become one of the leading education providers not only nationally but globally as well because we believe it is our responsibility since we are entrusted with the future of the leaders of tomorrow of South Africans and we will do our very best to produce quality candidates that will change the lives of our students and prospective students and in the community we operate in.


We envision a South Africa where every citizen acquires the needed skills that will enhance development, provide our customers with the latest training used in today’s industry and build a long lasting relationship with the business and individuals in the interest of improved worker productivity and morale.



To provide learning and training opportunities to South Africans To equip learners with needed skills and training that will help them to fully participate in work place ad wider community while being respectful and courteous to our customers. To provide a higher level of client satisfaction by exceeding the needs and expectations of the clients we serve.



To be a learning institute In South Africa that provide private quality education and an Institute in engineering and training of Skills development programmes To provide students with a background of job skills this will enable them to get employment.

To provide learner support and placement assistance for our graduates and experiences through training in our own set up centres especially students studying Engineering.

To provide a framework and atmosphere of learning which will enhance the students capability to show ethical and moral values in professional, personal and Business situations.

The College aims at providing basic skills which will contribute to success in their careers and private lives.

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