Program Overview

This Qualification provides the learner with the necessary competence to enter the film and television industry by ensuring that they understand the context and that they are able to function within the context of film and television productions. Learners further understand the importance of the industry within the broader socio-economic context and can apply this in an employment situation. The competence attained by learners enables them to contribute in a meaningful way, through their use of the media, to the social and economic development of the nation at large through effective participation in film and television production.

Qualifying learners are able to follow the work ethic required in the film and television production sector. They can make an informed career choice based on knowledge of the industry and provide a valuable support role in the industry. Qualified learners adhere to health and safety legislation, and can operate in a business, including maintaining productive interpersonal relations. Due to the high level of technology in the industry, learners are also required to be computer literate to be awarded this qualification.

Level 4 (Year 1) Exit Outcomes

  • Manage own film or television production activities.
  • Deliver customer service with respect to all film or television production stakeholders.
  • Administer film or television production office procedures according to organization standards.
  • Gather and process information for film or television production specializations.
  • Source film or television production resources for film or television production operations.
  • Use equipment, materials, and tools in an area of film or television production specialization.
  • Fulfill specific roles within film and television production teams.

Level 4 (Year 1) Modules

  • Communications
  • Math Literacy
  • Team Work and Time Management
  • Sound Operations
  • Apple Macintosh Skills (Computer Tech)
  • Basic Video Editing Skills
  • Customer Care & Media Law.
  • Production directors,
  • Producers,
  • Editors,
  • Camera operators,
  • Lighting technicians,
  • Independent filmmakers and
  • Production freelancers

    DEPOSIT FEE: R950.00



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