Registered private colleges in Johannesburg

Registered private colleges in Johannesburg

Registered private colleges in Johannesburg

Affordable Registered private colleges in Johannesburg. Private higher education institutions offer the same National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Greenview college is one of the best travel and tourism colleges. This institute was set up in 2012 and since then it has been giving high-quality education to students from all parts of the country.

Travel & Tourism enables students with an understanding of South African geography, its flora and fauna as well as the freedom to participate in his industry of creativity and contribute to the county’s image.

The travel and tourism industries in South Africa are increasingly emerging as among the key contributors to the economy.

First Year

First Semester: N5
Travel Services

To prepare consultants for the tourism industry who can correctly complete the necessary documentation and provide efficiently for the needs of tourists in terms of travel services required.

Tourist Destinations

To prepare consultants for the tourism industry by generating a desire in students to experience tourism and guiding them to understand the complex interaction of the tourism industry while teaching them knowledge required to sell tourism products.

Tourist Communication

To provide the student with the skills to express himself/herself clearly, correctly and concisely in oral as well as in written communication. To create an understanding of important aspects of interpersonal relationships in order for the student to function more effectively in the work situation. To assist the student to develop self-confidence in his/her social interactions.

Travel Office Procedures

To enable the tourism student, with the required practical training in office procedures and marketing strategies, to perform the administrative and marketing functions attached to the post of the tourism consultant confidently.

  • Hotel manager
  • tour guide/operator
  • travel agent
  • establishing own travel company
  • establishing own resort
  • Travel Agent
  • Tasting Room Assistant
  • Guesthouse Manager
  • Hotel Reception
  • Consultant at Tour Operator
  • Airport Staff
  • Event Organiser
  • Entrepreneur

Grade 12 Certificate with at least 50% average

The National Diploma in Travel & Tourism is made up of the following courses which are done over a period of 18 months.

National Certificate (N4/N5): Tourism Communication, Tourist Destinations, Travel Services Travel Office Procedures.

National Certificate (N5-N6): Economics, Entrepreneurship & Business Management, Computer Practice, Marketing Management, Financial Accounting. 

N4  60 Credits
N5  60 Credits
N6  60 Credits
Total  180 Credits
Duration 18 Months
Registration Fee R350
Deposit Fee R950
Monthly Fee R900 (18 Months)
Course Fee R17500.00

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