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Teaching Colleges Johannesburg

Teaching Colleges Johannesburg

Affordable Teaching Colleges Johannesburg. One such course is the foundation of teaching in early childhood care and education.

Are you looking to pursue a career in Public Relations, would you like to work as a media liaison? This qualification aims to provide the graduate with the necessary skills to follow a career in Public Relations.

This qualification considers professional practice within the public relations sector as being a very important part of the communication environment and particularly specializing in public relations.

The qualification provides students with the skills needed to coordinate and manage the broad spectrum of Public Relations in a professional manner, at a technical, managerial, and strategic level.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

First Year

First Semester: N4
Office Practice

Office Practice provides secretarial students with the required knowledge of the secretarial career and with the practical skills in office procedures, to perform with self-confidence the functions attached to the post of secretary and eventually the post of management assistant.

Information Processing

Information Processing equips the student with the necessary skills to effectively capture relevant medical data, to effectively utilise computer skills, and to attain keying-in excellence. These skills help develop accuracy and speed for the successful operation of an office.


Communication equips students with the necessary verbal and non-verbal communication knowledge (theoretical) and skills (practical) to function effectively.

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Entrepreneurship and Business Management studies the different aspects of starting your own business. It provides basic knowledge of how to draw up a business plan and all the necessary aspects needed for a business plan.

  • Qualifying students are employable in various corporate, parastatal, governmental, public relations consultancies and conferencing venues, within a range of industries, as junior public relations practitioners and coordinators.
  • This qualification will provide the required communication skills and knowledge that modern businesses now demand for new employees entering the workplace, by combining public relations skills with business practice.
  • The specific selection of subjects in this course aims to prepare the student to take up a position in any modern business or office, which requires a high level of communication competence to serve the needs of a communication driven organisation.
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Public Relations Officer

A National Senior Certificate with Diploma admission – A minimum of 30% for English coupled with a minimum of 40% for four (4) x 20 credit subjects; OR

A NC(V) with Diploma admission – A minimum of 50% in English on either First Additional Language or Home Language level AND Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy AND Life Orientation – a minimum of 60% in the three (3) compulsory vocational subjects is required; OR

A SC (without endorsement) or equivalent – A minimum of five (5) subjects must be passed; OR

A Higher Certificate, an Advanced Certificate in a cognate field; OR

Mature Age Exemption:
• Candidates must have attempted Matric/Grade 12, reached the age of 23 before or during the first year of registration with three years’ work experience and a proven ability relating to the proposed programme as well as adequate communicative skills;

Upon completion, certification will be issued from the Department of Higher Education & Training [DHET].
mgt_b 2.jpg The National Diploma in Public Relations is made up of the following courses which are done over a period of 18 months.

National Certificate (N4): Public Administration, Communication, Information Processing, Office Practice. Electives: Economics, Entrepreneurship & Business Management, Computer Practice, Marketing Management. Financial Accounting.

National Certificate (N5-N6): Communication, Public Relations, Information Processing, Office Practice. Electives: Public Administration, Labour Relations, Municipal Administration, Legal Practice.

Duration 18 Months
Registration Fee R350.00
Deposit Fee R950.00
Monthly Fee R900.00 (18 Months)
Course Fee R17500.00

NB: Deposit And Registration Fees Are Non-Refundable.

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